Customer Testimonials


"At first I was a little apprehensive about sending my information to a stranger, to develop a resume that would better my chances at obtaining a consulting job. However, I must say that this has been an excellent experience and I am very happy with the final product. The writer made prompt contact with me and had the first draft ready for me to review within a 48 hr period. The rapport that we developed facilitated the iterative process of developing a final product. I would and already have, recommended this service to colleagues. It is tailored to the needs of the client, and the writers are committed to developing a product that allow the clients to realize their career goals."
- Hazel R., Consultant


"I had 3 different hiring managers comment on how much they liked the layout, the style, and how it outlined and highlighted my strengths. I went from getting an interview in 1 out of 25 applications to 1 in 10! I also went from getting calls saying I was not qualified for the position... to getting interviews for an advanced position! Your resume did what mine had failed to do: it showed my strengths and piqued their interest enough to get them to interview me... I have accepted a position last week, less than 30 days from the time I started using your resume in a down economy. It is for a promotion (from Sr. Manager to Director) and a 20% compensation increase! My deepest thanks to you."
- D Moore, Manager

"You probably won't believe this because I'm having a hard time believing it. After posting your (mine) resume and faxing it to 10 ten different companies, within 3 hours I got 7 calls to set up interviews!!!!!"
- Eugene W., Maintenance Supervisor

"I sent my resumes out on Monday night. Tuesday morning, my first choice of companies contacted me. I am flying to NY on Monday to close the deal. I appreciate your excellent work and the speed with which you performed. I will definitely recommend your company to others seeking that service."
- Wayne K., Investment Banker


"WOW! I am speechless! What a tremendous improvement from my resume. You made the difference between mediocrity and excellence. As you can see, I am especially pleased with your work. Although I have been getting job offers with my resume, I feel confident that your work generate wonderful opportunities for me. Kudos to you! At first, I was skeptical using a two page resume. After some thought, I realized how advantageously you presented my accomplishments and qualifications on the first page which, I believe, will want the employer take the time to scan the second page. I can not thank you enough for help and prompt service."
- Kelly W., Nurse

Tonight I found out what a professional resume can do for me. Nine days ago I sent a recruiter my (old) resume in response to a job posting on line. I never heard back from him. Last night I decided to submit my new professional resume created by! Guess what? This evening when I arrived home there was a message from the recruiter asking me to contact him. I called the recruiter and he told me he was impressed with my resume. We spoke for about 30 minutes. He did say that they are well into the hiring process for the position but he was still going to pass my information along to the hiring manager. I sent him a thank you note, using excerpts from the note you created.
- Eve R., Applications Engineer

" wrote an amazing, professional resume for me. The writer is quite an expert when it comes to parsing what I told her about my career and where I want it to go based on only two conversations and where I would like it to go. Next week I am going to Santa Barbara to discuss a career as a COO and while some of it was due to me, I couldn't have done it without the professionalism of the writer's work. It is much easier to understand than my old style of bullets and a brief summary.

I am going to tell all my friends about you as I am so incredibly impressed with the work. If I don't get the COO position, there are lots of jobs out there and I'm sure this resume will quickly help find one I can be proud of. When I do have something concrete, sitting behind my new desk in my new office, I will thank you for taking all my thoughts and paperwork and turning it into something an HR person can quickly understand."
- Heather P., Executive

"I just wanted to thank you again for the fantastic resume, cover letter, etc. You definitely exceeded my expectations! When my husband convinced me that I needed a professional resume I wasn't sure how to find someone. I looked in the yellow pages but found very few listings. I decided to search on line and that of course is how I found you. After submitting my credit card for payment my husband and I thought- hopefully we'll get something for our money. When you made your first contact that was very encouraging, but when we saw the first draft we were blown away! We knew we had made the right decision.
- Ronnie E., Pharma Sales

"To what address may I send you flowers? This resume looks WONDERFUL!!! Oh my GOD!!!! Is this ME that you've laid out so eloquently in this resume? Wow, I'm speechless!! I have never seen anything more beautiful (and it's all true, YEAH!!). Thank you a million times!!!"
- Kenna M., Fashion Design

"When I first signed up for your services I wasn't sure if it was worth it. It is not that cheap to get a good resume. But thanks to your assistance, I got a good number of calls and interviews and finally landed a great new job and a 17.2% salary increase!
- Chris P., Banker

"I was skeptical about blindly submitting my resume to someone and expect them to do any good. but your writer did a remarkable job. he blew me away with his speed and skills. writing a proper resume had been hanging around like a boat anchor, but in a day and half, it was all over and way better than i expected. thank you."
- Daniel F., Lawyer

"I wanted to inform you that I found a job and start in August. I had two offers both 20% above my current salary with a signing bonus! I attribute this to your writing ability and service you provided me. You were worth every penny! Thanks so much and feel free to use me as a reference. By the way, it took me a total time of 9 days, from when I started looking to the day I put in my 2 weeks notice."
- Carl K., Architecture

"It has been my pleasure working with you on my resume. I was slightly amused at the fact that after putting on 27 years of service, that too in senior roles, I would require a resume writer's service. I started writing myself and was leading to no where. That was the time I realized that I needed an expert to put the pieces together. I looked for various writers and found was the top rated in many surveys. Therefore I instantly opted for your service. From the very first call to the final dispatch of my order, I found thorough professionalism in your whole team and you did not disappoint me. Now I have a well crafted resume and cover letter. Thanks for the first class service."
- Leigh K., Government