Google Voice Is The Best New Job Search Tool In Years

It seems that more and more job seekers are using Google Voice. And so, I thought I’d do a quick primer about how you too can use Google Voice, and how it might be the best new tool available to job seekers in many years.

First of all, if you’re not familiar with Google Voice, here are a couple of primers. Also, Lifehacker has a great rundown of the different features and tweaks here

Once you get it all set up, how can you use Google Voice for your job search? Here are some of my favorite ways:

  1. Use it as your dedicated job search number. A lot of people are afraid to put their work or cell numbers on their resume for obvious reasons: you don’t want your current boss finding out you’re looking for a new job. Google voice allows you to set times calls can ring through to you, as well as numbers for calls to be routed to. You can thus screen and direct your calls like an air traffic controller, making sure that calls from potential employers only reach you at safe times for you to talk.
  2. Set a specific job search voice message. As I detailed last post, if you make your google voice number your dedicated job search number, you can then customize the message on your voicemail greeting to specifically address potential employer calls. In a sense, you can make your voicemail be a supplementary resume!
  3. Make sure you can always be reached. What if you don’t want an employer to reach your voicemail? What if you’re afraid of playing phone tag? If you want to make absolutely sure you speak to the employer as soon as he or she reaches out to you, Google Voice makes it easy route calls directly to you no matter where you are, at whatever number is handy. This way, you can be sure you’re always there to take that call when your dream job rings you back.
  4. Make an out-of-town job search local! It’s very true that a lot of times employers would rather hire someone locally rather than out of town or out of state. Job seekers often complain that their resumes get ignored if they have an out of town address or area code. Well, Google Voice can help you solve the area code problem at least. If you know for sure the city you want to work in, get a Google Voice number with that city’s area code. You can have any calls forwarded to your current cell number and the caller won’t be any wiser since the number they dial seems local to them.
  5. Privacy. Maybe you just don’t feel to comfortable sending your resume – and by extension, your phone number – out to hundreds of people. Google voice solves this problem by giving you a somewhat disposable number that still rings through to your personal, every day number!