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We like to think of our careers in terms of a straight line: ever upward, ever forward; more experience, more responsibility. But sometimes, getting ahead means going in a completely new direction. If you're facing a career change, you need a resume nimble enough to reflect your previous experience while translating your accomplishments in a way that highlights your potential for new successes. Our Career Change Resume Service is designed to help professionals of all stripes make this transition.



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Highlighting what you did before in such a way that we show your potential for something new.

Our first goal for Career Change Clients is to find a writer who can understand your situation. Is it possible to translate your previous experience and accomplishments into skill sets that are applicable to your new career? Or should the writer emphasize your career evolution and de-emphasize the past?

We promise to match you with a writer who can convincingly make these delecate assessments and write a resume that fits your unique situation. It's a bit more complicated than the usual, straight forward resume, so it costs a bit more. But trust us, it will all be worth it once you see how the writer has used your previous experience, training and accomplishments to position you for your new opportunity.

Each and every client receives direct, one-on-one consultation with an expert resume writer, via that writer's personal phone number and email address. The writer will work with you on drafts and revisions until you have a final document you are confident in.

How does it all work?

  • Select which service you want to order (above) and confirm your payment.
  • Fill out our online career questionnaire. You can either cut and paste in your existing resume, and/or, fill out the questionnaire from scratch. Either way, this process is designed to get as much information up front as possible so we can match you with a writer experienced in your career field.
  • The writer makes contact within 12 hours of you submitting your career info.
  • Work directly with your writer via their personal email and phone number to shape the scope and strategy of your resume.
  • In 72 hours you have a first draft. The writer will work with you on however many rounds of revisions are necessary to get to a final draft.
  • You have a final draft- a perfect resume. You send it out to employers. You get hired. You are happy. We are happy.

We match each client with a writer who has experience in that specific career field. If at the time you order we feel we do not have a relationship with a writer qualified for your background... or if our preferred writer is busy with other clients... we will cancel your order and suggest a competitor of ours who might be able to help you. In other words, if we can't place you with the best writer for your situation, we'll be up front about it. This is because, again, does not believe in having a "staff" of jack-of-all-trades writers and editors. We believe in matching job seekers with the best qualified independent resume writers based on each individual's unique needs.