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What If Your Boss Doesn’t Believe You’re Sick

sneezes lead to sick daysWe’re barely into 2013, but have you already been sick? If you have been, you’re not alone. It turns out that this winter’s flu season has already been an unusually harsh one.

I guess the positive way of looking at it is that this year is so fresh and new that you probably have a whole year’s worth of unused sick days ahead of you.

But here’s a conundrum… What do you do if your boss doesn’t think you’re sick? Maybe you’ve been using a lot of sick days, and she thinks it’s enough already. Or worse, maybe he thinks you’re faking it in order to burn through that Season 2 box set of Game of Thrones you got for the holidays.

CBS Moneywatch considers the options and comes up with three basic strategies for proving your sick day is legit.

The first, and obviously the best thing to do is to get a doctor’s note. Some workplaces actually require this from the get-go, so it can help to know you’re employer’s policy.

“There are good reasons for employers to require medical documentation of prolonged absence. They need to set standards for all to follow so as not to appear as if they are treating some people preferentially over others.”

Second, it’s a good idea to keep the lines of communication open. If you’ve been sick a lot, touch base with the boss and let her know how you’re coming along, and hopefully give them an estimate for when you think you’ll be back to 100%.

Third, they suggest providing your boss with a catch-up strategy. Maybe outline some of the work you can and have been doing from home, as well as suggesting weekends you might be coming in to clear out the backlog.

I’d add a fourth suggestion if your boss is being a Flu Season Javert: Go in to work and be loudly, publicly sick. Sneeze and cough in meetings, or better yet, in the boss’s office. The point of staying home should be to preserve the general health and well-being of the rest of your team. If your boss is being unreasonable about the sick policy, it might be rude, but you can always throw it back in his face and see if he learns his lesson when half the office is out sick.

Read the whole thing:
Flu? What to do if your boss doesn’t believe you | CBS Moneywatch


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    • KuhluaBear says:

      If you are sick often, go to the doctor’s office. Something is causing you to be so vulnerable to illness that is going around. And if you have the flu, the Rx needs to be started within two days of symptoms first appearing. Our policy in my office is if you are out 3 or more days you must have a doctor’s note.
      Also, don’t call in sick when you aren’t really sick so if you must call in then your boss should know it’s for real. If your kids are sick, find someone who can cover for you. Alternate wiht your spouse, call the grandparents, hire a personal sitter.
      Better to call in late & then actually show up and work rather than to always be home for your kids and let the work pile up on co-workers. That is a problem for your boss & not unreasonable for he/she to expect people to hold their job as a top priority. That is why you get paid – be responsible. I hate folks you use their children as an excuse – you chose to have them so deal with it. Not fair to those without kids or who come to work regardless of what is happening in their personal life.

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