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The Four P’s of Career Satisfaction

Tory JohnsonWhat is the key to career satisfaction?

Over at the WetFeet blog, they interview Tory Johnson, founder and CEO of Women for Hire, a recruiting service for women to.

You might also recognize Tory from her weekly appearances on Good Morning America, where she appears as the Workplace Contributor.

Tory says that your career can and should be about more than “just paying the bills.”

The key elements that go into making a successful and rewarding career are summed up in Tory’s “Four P’s.” They are as follows:


Yes, Pay comes back into it, but it’s not the most important thing in the world.

Says Tory:

“The people you work alongside should be a big issue as you consider your career,” Johnson says, “because there are so many people who like what they do but hate who they work with.” To avoid winding up in a negative environment, Johnson recommends that asking your contacts questions about the company’s culture and management style before you take a job.

Read the whole thing here: The Four P’s of Career Satisfaction | WetFeet


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