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The Employment Outlook For 2013 According To The HR Industry

We’re going to have a lot more to say on this next week (keep watching this space for a big announcement).

Hiring Trends in 2013But for now, let’s examine things from the HR industry’s perspective, via the TLNT blog.

According to their assessment, businesses still remain cautious about hiring, but they are cautiously optimistic. It seems the recent fiscal cliff negotiations made some hiring managers skittish, so we start of January on a somewhat negative footing. And I would add that doesn’t bode well for Q1 hiring because we have another Congressional showdown over the debt ceiling in a couple of months.

Hiring managers and corporate HR leaders told CareerBuilder they expected more hiring in 2013, but the percentage of those saying that was 26 percent, only three points higher than a year ago, and only slightly outside the survey’s margin of error.

But as the chart to the right shows, there are specific industries where there are signs of life and even growth…

…CareerBuilder says employers report their biggest pay increases will be for sales and IT, the two leading areas where hiring will occur this year. Based on a survey of 2,611 hiring managers and human resource professionals, CareerBuilder found 29 percent expect to add sales staff; 27 percent will add to their tech staffs; and, 23 percent will beef up customer service.

Read the whole thing:
Employment Outlook for 2013: For the Most Part, It Will be Slow and Cautious | TLNT

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