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What Should A Resume Look Like In 2013 – It’s Evolving

What should a resume look like in 2013? Like everything else, the idea of the resume in evolving.

Our colleague, Rosa Elizabeth Vargas, examines the evolution of the modern resume and has some excellent suggestions for what the modern resume should contain.

For one thing, the modern resume can include color. In fact, your resume should incorporate a lot of the design elements that modern word processing allows you to make use of. We would add that this is not a license to go crazy and turn your resume into a gaudy rainbow, but restrained, smart use of design elements will help your resume stand out.

Also, the modern resume needs to be internet and social media friendly. This means that LinkedIn Profiles, Twitter handles and even Facebook pages should share a place on your resume along side your address, email and phone number.

But Vargas also says that the modern resume can and should go beyond the traditional resume structures. Boring, old, traditional chronological listing can’t hold a candle to compelling story-telling:

What is your story? What challenges did you face and how did you go about overcoming them? Why did they hire you? What did they need from you? Then connect that chapter (employment/tenure) with the next chapter, building a rich and branded tale for which you are the “hero” and the only one that can save your future employer. It is this type of writing and resume development that will win in this highly saturated job-search market.

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