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Reason For Leaving Your Last Job On Your Resume?

Often clients will ask if they should mention reasons why they left their last job on their resume. Just as often, these are clients who have been laid off or even fired from their last job, so they’re a bit defensive about why they’re not currently employed.

The short answer is that the resume is not the place to explain why you left any previous job. On your resume, simply list the jobs, list the dates employed, and describe your responsibilities, accomplishments and highlights.

If you feel some sort of explanation is┬ánecessary, you can touch on it in your cover letter. But even then, I’m not sure you need to be that forthcoming. After all, if they have questions about your career history, they can ask them in the job interview.

I can only think of a couple of times I’ve mentioned why someone left their previous position, and it was never on the resume, always on the cover letter. The only reason I can think of for including the reason why the client left their previous position was if it was sort of an “accomplishment” that would be memorable or help sell the client as a candidate. Something along the lines of “Left previous position to volunteer as earthquake relief in Haiti,” or “Previous position was made redundant because our team was so successful, the company was bought out.”

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