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Printing Your Resume On Both Sides Of The Paper

printing resume paperI’ve written in the past about resume printing best practices. But that post was mostly about what sort of paper you should print your resume on. In this post, I’d like to discuss a somewhat controversial topic. If your resume is running to more than on page, should you print each page on a separate piece of paper or should you print the resume on both sides of the paper?

For years, the standard advice has been to use two sheets of paper. Some people have even suggested stapling the two pieces. I’ve ALWAYS thought that was a bad idea. If you use two pieces of paper, then leave them un-attached. A staple just seems janky and unprofessional to me.

However, in the last several years, I’ve come around to the idea of printing on both sides of the paper (otherwise known as duplex printing) if you have a multipage resume. I think most professional resume writers have come around to this opinion also.

There are many reasons why I’ve come to this conclusion. First, having fewer sheets of paper is more efficient. There’s less chance of part of your resume getting lost or confused in the pile. One of the main reasons people have erroneously suggested for years that a resume has to be one page is because of the efficiency and lack of confusion involved.

But also, it’s just that times have changed. Most modern printers can do duplex printing quite easily. And even if your printer cannot, you can always print on one side, take that same sheet of paper out, turn it over, and print page 2 on the back.

Having your two page resume on one sheet of paper looks efficient to a hiring manager. The one caveat is, you’re going to want to use paper that is thick enough the the text does not bleed through from the other side. Again, check our post on the best resume paper to print you resume on.

How To Print Your Resume On Both Sides Of The Paper

Even if you don’t use the printing by hand method (turning the paper over and feeding it back in to print on the other side) it’s really quite easy to print on both sides of the paper.

If your printer can handle duplex printing, follow these quick instructions in Word.

First, select Print, not Quick Print. (click on the images for full size shots)

resume printing instructions 1

Next, a menu box will pop up. Look for the button that says Properties and click that.

resume printing instructions 2

Now you’ll have a menu box with a bunch of tabs. Click on the tab that says Printing Shortcuts.

resume printing insturctions 3

Finally, choose the option labeled Eco-print (Two-sided Printing). And click ok. Now when you click OK to print, it will duplex print your entire document, simple as that.

resume printing instructions 4

That’s it! You’re done. Your resume is now double sided on one sheet of paper.



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