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LinkedIn Predictions For 2013 – Give Us More Industries On The Profile!!

LinkedIn In 2013As 2012 turns into 2013, it’s no secret that LinkedIn sits across the Job Search world like a colossus.

CareerBuilder and Monster might have more job listings per se, but LinkedIn is the number one place for professionals to go to take control of their career and manage their job search.

But what does the future hold for LinkedIn? After all, the job search world can ebb and flow, and the “monster” job site this year might be an also ran before you even know it.

Just ask HotJobs.

Over at the Linked Into Business blog, they decided to survey LinkedIn experts to see what sort of changes LinkedIn might (and maybe should) make for users in 2013.

Many thought that introducing tools to make LinkedIn connections in the real world might help:

Nate Kievman:

 “…we will see enhancements to the Company pages supporting features like events, private targeted communications and advertisements – not necessarily free though!”

Joanne Tosti-Vasey:

“I would like to see LinkedIn create an event app that allows us to invite colleagues to it.This would be quite helpful for professional networking by linking the cyber world w/ the face-to-face world.”

Give Us The Ability To Select More Than One Industry, PLEASE!

In a follow up post, Portugese LinkedIn evangelist Rui Pedro Caramez of @LinkedPortugal had a comprehensive list of 15 LinkedIn features he’d like to see in 2013.

On the list? Better analytics. Better LinkedIn Groups UI so that busy groups don’t grow unwieldy. World rankings for skills. CRM tools. And he wants a new Events tool also.

But what I thought was the most screamingly obvious (read: neccessary) new feature was the first one he listed:

The ability to choose at least 2 industries on the profile. In several training programs held over the year, this was on of the problems pointed out. More concerns to job seekers.

Viveka Von Rosen commented:

Pedro is right on with this.  Also, I sure would like an “other” option.  While industries is getting better, its certainly not comprehensive!  In the meantime, you can always list a different industry for each experience section.

And we wholeheartedly concur!

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