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Interview Tip: Record Yourself To Lean How To Speak Better

recording voice with cell phoneHere’s a quick interview exercise that we have encouraged our clients to do for years now.

You know a good way to prepare for an interview is to practice. Try a mock interview. Hire an interview coach. Get a friend or family member to do a trial interview with you. Any sort of practice like that will help you flex your question answering muscles so you’ll be limber for the big day.

But a great way to expand this sort of practice is to record yourself as well. It used to be that we would have to suggest a client invest in a voice recorder. But now with the modern cell phone, you have a handy recording device right in your pocket.

Here’s how you might record yourself to learn how to perform better in a job interview:

  • Get a good voice recording app. My favorite one is this one.
  • Find a list of sample job interview questions and record yourself answering them. Don’t prepare. Read them and answer them off the cuff.
  • Listen back to your answers. Be careful to listen for “ums” “uhs” and other speech tics you might have. Try to practice to eliminate those from your everyday speaking.
  • Which questions tripped you up? Which questions provoked weak answers from you? Go back and record better answers to these questions. Now listen to the good answers and the bad answers and see what is different between the two.
  • Record a friend giving you a mock interview. Now, select the best responses you’ve given, and listen to them over and over again. Listen to them when you go for a run or when you’re falling asleep at night. Don’t memorize the answers, but try to absorb the tone, cadence and rhythm of a good, confident answer.

One other option is to record an actual phone interview you hold with a real employer. Nothing will help you improve your performance more than reviewing the game film of an actual performance. Remember, however, you have to be careful when recording someone else on a telephone call:

Inside the United States each state has its own law regarding the recording of calls. Some states make it legal to record calls as long as one party is aware of the recording and in other states both parties have to be aware. Illegally recording a call in the United States is considered a felony. Outside of the United States laws vary by country and province.

So, if you record an interview, be sure to tell the person on the other end.

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