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Interesting Jobvite Survey Numbers: Less People Actively Job Searching/More Passively Looking

active vs. passive job seekersThe jobs site Jobvite, “a talent acquisition and recruitment management platform, which leverages social media and referrals” released their annual Jobvite Social Jobseeker survey this morning. The datapoints in the survey are interesting for revealing how much job search is changing, and how much it’s staying the same.

The headline number reveal that less people are “actively” looking for a job. Of the 1,029 employed workers surveyed, only 9% were currently looking for a new job. Last year that number was at 16%.

But when the survey looked at “passive” job seekers, you get an idea of where those numbers went:

Yet even as the active seekers declined, more employed workers moved into the “active” passive category this year. Jobvite says 69 percent of the employed are either seeking a new job or would be open to hearing about one. Last year, 61 percent were in that category.

Add in the unemployed respondents, and it turns out 75 percent of the workforce — employed and unemployed alike — are open to opportunities. Last year, that percentage was 69 percent.

What’s also interesting to consider are the numbers about how people actually find work. 32% of respondents in the survey credit job boards for their job search success. 26% (!!!) credit a newspaper for helping them find work.

What about social media? Only 16% said that social media helped them find work. This despite the fact that most respondents reported profiles on either Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter. Almost two-thirds had profiles on at least two social sites.

What remains the same? Well, we’ve been saying it for decades now, but personal referrals remain the best, fastest and most reliable way to find work.

Thirty-one percent credit a professional or personal referral for their current job; 41 percent say they got their favorite or best job ever as a result of a referral from family or friends.

Source: Jobvite.

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