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Fraternities And Sororities on Resume?

A fraternity houseWorked with a lovely young professional this week who wondered if he should put his fraternity experience on his resume. And if he should, how should he include it?

My general opinion is that putting your fraternity and sorority activities on your resume can’t hurt, provided you have the room to include it. The best case scenario is that your resume is read by someone who is also an alumnus and this sort of connection will give you a leg up. That’s one of the main selling points of going greek isn’t it: that you’ll have a network of brothers and sisters for the rest of your life that might be able to give you a leg up?

I would strongly recommend that greek life be included on a resume if the job seeker held leadership or elected positions in the frat/sorority house. Being president of your fraternity obviously shows initiative and leadership skills. Being the community or charity director of your sorority also shows organization and management abilities.

Being only a lowly brother or sister might mean you can go ahead and leave your greek life off you resume if it’s competing for space with more impressive accomplishments.

If You Do Include Frat/Sorority Details On Your Resume…

… You can do it very easily by adding a Membership and Activity or Associations section to your resume. I would place this section near or adjacent to your Education section.

Conversely, if you just want to mention your greek affiliations but don’t think it warrants it’s own section, you could list your membership including dates in the same section as your Education.


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