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Federal Unemployment Benefits Are Extended

Unemployment officeSo, unless Congress gets really crazy, it seems the deal to fix the “fiscal cliff” has been reached. Last night, the American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012 was passed by the House of Representatives and it is expected that President Obama will swiftly sign the bill into law.

Most of the headlines were about the tax rates affected by the bill. But just as important to the job market, the $30 Billion in unemployment benefits that expired at midnight on January 1 were extended for one year.

A comprehensive detailing of current unemployment benefits can be found here.

And as Alison Doyle notes:

Eligiblity for extended benefits depends on the date of your claim, your state and the state unemployment rate.  All claimants are not eligible for all weeks of EUC and claimants who have were laid-off earlier may be eligible for additional weeks.

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