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Data Points: Just 6 In 10 Millennials have jobs; 1 in 4 Americans Laid Off During The Recession

Two separate reports came out today outlining the devastating effects of the last recession and the state of the current job market.

First, the job market seems especially grim for Millennials (workers under 30):

Millennials are hard hit by the economic crisis—62.9% are currently working, of which 31.2% work on a part-time basis.

And that’s a cohort of Americans with massive student loan debt to payoff. Source:

“Millennials” Play a Central Role in our Nation’s Civic Health, but Who are They?

But things don’t sound any better for older workers either:

Of those laid off in recent years, nearly a quarter said they still had not found a job. Re-employment rates for older workers have been particularly bad, with nearly two-thirds of unemployed people 55 and older saying they actively sought a job for more than a year before finding one or had still not found work.

Or consider this astounding fact. How many people do you think actually suffered a layoff during the Great Recession?

While about 8 percent of Americans are unemployed, nearly a quarter of Americans say they were laid off at some point during the recession or afterward, according to the survey. More broadly, nearly eight in 10 say they know someone in their circle of family and friends who has lost a job.


Profound Weight of Layoffs Is Seen in Work Trends Survey

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