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Announcing The Job Market Health Index

fireworksToday saw the big BLS job report, and it blew past expectations.

Great news. It seems the job market is finally finding it’s feet again.

But how hard is it to find a job right now? Other indexes and data points tell you how many layoffs there were last month, or how many job openings were posted.

But if you’re right in the middle of a job search, how hard is it going to be? How long is the job search likely to last?

Well, we’ve started the Job Market Health Index to try to answer this question.

Every single day, our network of Resume Writers are right there on the ground, working with live job seekers. We can see, in real time, what the state of the job market is across more than 80 industries. Often, we can see changes in the job market months before it registers in other forms of data.

So, our Job Market Health Index is an attempt to tell you what we’re seeing. The index represents our best guess forecast of the health of the job market right now. Across 25 major industries, we estimate how relatively easy (or hard) it is to find a job right now, how long you can expect the job search to take, and our commentary on the unique situations affecting each industry.

Check out ourĀ inauguralĀ Job Market Health Index here.

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