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80% Of Employers Google Job Seekers Before A Job Interview

Google Yourself JobseekersThis article from the Work Coach Cafe reminded me of a statistic I had heard a few years ago:

According to a 2010 survey, 80% of employers Google candidates’ backgrounds before they actually interview them for a job.

(The full survey is here, btw)

I don’t think anyone should find this surprising. In this day and age, everyone is searchable. You shouldn’t expect that you can hide. In fact, there is some evidence that if an employer can’t find you on the internet, that might actually work against you.

As the article says:

DO NOT be happy if they find nothing about you on Google!  That means either of two things to most employers – you don’t know how the world works today (so you are out-of-date) or you are hiding something.  Neither of those two impressions will help you in your job search.

I would say that if 100% of hiring managers aren’t Googling you by now, they will be soon.

So what is a jobseeker to do? Well, the article actually has some good suggestions.

You should Google yourself first, so you know what the employer might find before they find it. If you don’t like what you see, or if you don’t see much at all, then it’s time to get to work. As the article says, there are plenty of free services that will help you get a professional presence on the internet, and then let you manage that presence. For example:

If you Google me, you’ll find:

  • My LinkedIn Profile
  • My Google+ Profile (naturally!)
  • My bio (a 2000-page website I’ve owned and edited since 1998)
  • My VisualCV
  • My Amazon Profile
  • My Business Week Business Exchange Profile
  • My Twitter Bio
  • etc.

Except for the bio, all of those profiles are available for everyone at no cost.  And all of those Profiles describe me in my own words, because I wrote them!  And because I made them public for the world, including my family and friends, to see, the assumption is that they’re probably true, at least for the most part.

Read the whole article:
Job Search Problem: Why Submitting a Resume Isn’t Enough, and What You Can Do About It | Work Coach Cafe

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