Frequently Asked Questions

Who Are We?

Who is was founded by multi-decade veterans of the Resume Writing Industry. We are professional resume writers ourselves. Our goal was to make a different kind of resume writing company that brought together the best independent resume writers in the world.

Who are the writers?

Also multi-decade veterans of the Resume Writing Industry. Collectively, we represent hundreds of years of resume writing experience. only contracts with writers we know from previous experience and industry reputation.

Are all the writers certified?

Yes. Either through CDI or the PARW. These are the two internationally recognized certification authorities for resume writers.

What makes different?

First, we're the largest resume writing website in the world. We have more writers and work with more clients than anyone else. We've helped hundreds of thousands of job seekers over the years. We really are the first and last name in Resume Writing.


But we're also different by design. Unlike other companies, we don't hire writers and editors and put them "on staff." We contact individual resume writers and put them on retainer. These writers might have their own independent resume writing companies and websites. We contract with them to send them clients that meet their writing expertise. This allows us to offer a large network of dozens of resume writers, specializing in every career field under the sun.

Will you match me with a writer that specializes in my career field?

Yes. That's the whole point. We have relationships with so many resume writers, we will match you with someone who writes resumes for people in your industry day in and day out. If, in the rare instance we don't have a relationship with a qualified writer (or if no writer with a specialty in your industry is available) we will cancel your order and suggest alternative providers.

Where are the writers located?

All around the country. They work from their own offices and home offices. You will be put directly in touch with them via their personal emails and phone numbers.

How Do We Work?

How does this work, exactly?

Maybe it would be helpful to give you an example. Let's say you're a Registerd Nurse. You need a modern, up-to-date nursing resume that will land you interviews at the best hospitals in the world. You send us your career history via our online worksheet. When your information comes in, evaluates it and tries to figure out which of our writers is best qualified to work with you. We have about a half dozen writers on retainer who specialize in Nursing and Healthcare related resumes. We decide that one of the nursing/healthcare writers (let's call her Jennifer) is the best qualified writer based on the career history you've sent in. Jennifer is available for new clients right now, so we send her your career worksheet. Jennifer gets your info and emails you to make first contact and asks you to fill in some details. Then Jennifer gets to work. From that point on, you're working one-on-one with Jennifer directly. makes the introduction, but Jennifer is working personally with you throughout the entire resume development process. If she needs more info, she'll speak with you to get it. If you have questions or concerns, you can raise them with her directly. Jennifer will deliver you a first draft within 72 hours of getting your info, and then she'll work with you over as many rounds of rewrites as it takes until you have a final draft you are happy with. Simple as that.

Obviously, this example is for a nursing resume, but the process is the same no matter what career field you find yourself in.

General Questions

How long does it take to get a first draft?

Our turnaround time is 72 hours for a first draft. 24 hour rush is also available for an additional fee.

How many rounds of revisions do I get?

As many as you need until you have a final draft you are satisfied with. The first draft is only that: a first draft. The writers will expect that it might take some back and forth to get everything perfect. The advantage is you will have the writer's personal email address and phone number so making changes is a simple as shooting off a quick email that says: "I think we need to eliminate the last sentence of paragraph three."


The bottom line is: the writer does not stop working until you sign off on a final draft.

How do I send you my career information?

Using the online worksheet that is provided after we take your payment information. They take approximately 20 minutes to complete. We use these worksheets first because it helps us determine which writer is best qualified to work with you. Once the writer makes contact, he or she might be in touch for additional info.


You don't need to write a novel or anything, but the more information you give us up front (1) the better we can match you with a writer and (2) the easier it is for the writer to hit the ground running and start working with you right away.

What if I already have a resume?

There is a place on the worksheet where you can cut and paste in your existing resume. You can answer some of the questions on the worksheet as well, though, because the worksheet is designed to tease out additional information that you might not even have thought of before.

What if I don't have a resume?

That's fine. The worksheet is designed to get most of the information we need.

What if I don't have time to fill out the worksheet right now?

You can order now and come back later when you have time for the worksheet. In the confirmation email you receive, you'll see a link to take you to the worksheet.

How long before the writer makes first contact with me?

Usually within 12 hours after ordering. It takes us a bit of time to find the best writer and confirm that they're available to take new clients. But of course, if you order late at night, you should expect to hear from the writer sometime during the next morning.

How will the writer contact me?

The writer will always make first contact via email. This is so you don't waste time playing phone tag.

Will I have direct contact with the writer?

Absolutely. That's the whole point. You'll be working with the writer dirctly using their personal email address and phone number.

Can I get a phone consultation?

Sure, if you think you need one. Just ask for one when the writer makes first contact. This will allow you to schedule a time that is convenient for both of you. Most of the work can be done over email, but believe us, the writer will want to call you if they feel like they don't yet have enough info to get started.

Do the writers use templates?

Absolutely not. The writers are asked to approach each resume from scratch and use the best design for each individual client. Some writers might have designs they prefer, but that is entirely up to the writer. What we do not do is impose our own proprietary templates or designs on the writer. This makes sure resmes are unique and varied.

Can you assure me I'll be happy with the resume?

Absolutely. The writer will not stop working with you until you sign off on a final draft. So, the work isn't done until you're satisfied.

How do I pay?

You can pay using any major credit cards.

We take your payment information first. Why? Because the writer is going to get to work as soon as we assign them your order. They need to know they'll be paid when the order is completed in several days' time. Thus, when we take your payment info, we run a pre-auth to make sure you have enough funds in your account to cover payment.

Your order is NOT finalized and payment is NOT remitted to the writer until your first draft has been sent. You may cancel your order at any time before the writer sends the first draft.

How will you deliver the resume?

It will be emailed to you as a Microsoft Word .doc file and as a PDF.

Can I print it myself? Can I make changes later on?

Absolutely. These are standard Word files and PDFs. You can print it right away yourself. You can edit it and make changes or additions over the years. Your resume can evolve with you.

If I order a cover letter as well, can I use that for more than one application?

Yes. We know that the cover letter has to change each time you address it to somone else. That's why the cover letter will be written in a template format, so you can change the cover letter each time you use it and make changes depending on the job application.

Why do you charge $200-$300 to write a resume? I've seen other sites offer to write my resume for $49-$79.

Well, some resume sites charge $500 and up! But to your question: over the last several years, there has been a proliferation of low quality "outsourced" resume companies. They charge so much less because they outsource the work to India. The website takes your career history and sends it to someone overseas who takes your info, re-formats it, and spits it out into a template. These people are paid pennies per page. In other words, you get what you pay for.


$200-$400 has, for many years, been the industry standard rate to engage the services of a CERTIFIED Professional Resume Writer. After all, you expect the writer to spend 5-10 hours over the course of several days to work on your resume and the various drafts. For that amount of time working with an experienced professional, we feel our rates are quite reasonable.

Why can't I just write my resume myself?

You probably can! But then, you can sell your house yourself as well... or you can work with an experienced agent who knows the market. A professional resume writer - especially one that specializes in your industry - works with other job seekers like you every day. They know what works and what doesn't. They know what opens doors and lands interviews and they know what can cause your resume to be passed over. Most importantly, they know what is getting people hired IN YOUR INDUSTRY.


In other words, just as a real estate professional knows how to market a house, a professional resume writer is an expert at marketing job seekers. And a resume is a marketing document: it markets you! If you don't get your resume professionally written, you might be competing against other job seekers who did.